Day 4 of #NAPC2014 – Wrapping it Up

I admit that day 4 of the North American Paleontological Convention was two days ago. It was such a crazy day, that I never had a chance to write. Then I was traveling all day yesterday… So here we are.

It’s over. And I’m sad.

The final day of the meeting had oral sessions only in the morning, with no posters. The early part of the afternoon was open, followed by a closing keynote by Kirk Johnson (now Director of the National Museum of Natural History, but someone I knew from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science from way back when I was a graduate student).

I took advantage of the open time to eat at an old favorite restaurant, the Gainesville Ale House, then popped over to Lake Alice on the University of Florida’s campus to check out the gators.


After the evening keynote and awards ceremony, we all went to Touchdown Terrace at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for a wrap up banquet and social event.

The evening ended back at the hotel having drinks with friends, then heading back to the room to pack and prepare for my obscenely early flight yesterday morning.

I’ve tried to keep track of Twitter activity related to the convention using Storify. Alas, I waited until the meeting was over before trying and therefore lost some of the earlier tweets. Boo.

Here’s a compilation of the tweets from mid-Sunday through the end of the meeting (alas, Saturday’s tweets and early Sunday are lost. 😦 )

I was diligently Storifying my own tweets throughout the meeting, because they were my only notes. They’re here, if anyone want to read them:

My own tweets / notes for the meeting (this includes Saturday and Sunday, but only the talks I went to).

I hope that other active tweeters will use Storify to compile their own tweets, so that we all can benefit.

And now it’s back to the same old mundane life that I lead. But now I’ve got some new ideas and am feeling motivated to press forward. If I can just stay awake…

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