Things I know – Old Skool

Today’s prompt for the Kickin’ it Old Skool Blog-a-Thon is to list ten things that we know. Ten things that we have absolutely no doubt about.

Because it’s the end of the semester, I can put one item on my list immediately.

I have very little sympathy for students who can’t be bothered to come to class.

Though I admit I have a soft spot for students with special needs. Sigh. I’ll be glad when grades are submitted.

Anyway, let’s come up with a list of things that I am certain of.

1) I love my son very, very much, even when he drives me to madness. I’d be devastated if something happened to him.

2) I love my husband, too, and I know he loves me, even when we want to throttle each other.

3) I know that science is the very best way to understand our world.

4) I know that if a thorough education, with greater emphasis on math and science, were available to everyone, many of our world’s problems would be solved.

5) I know that I am imperfect and will always be so, but that I must always work to improve myself.

6) I know that my life could end tomorrow, so I can’t put off doing the things I enjoy on the assumption that I will have them in my retirement years.

7) I know also that just because my life could end tomorrow, that doesn’t mean that it will, so I have to plan for a prosperous future as well.

…geez, this is all philosophical. Heavy…

8) I know that for as much as I know, I don’t know nearly as much as I want to. Yet, for whatever reason, I don’t read all that much. Not as much as I want to.

9) I know that I love expressing myself through art and writing, even though I might not be all that good at it. I wish I had more time to do it. I’m working on making it more financially feasible to pursue my hobbies more completely.

10) I know I have a career that thousands of people wish they could have. It took a lot of work to get here, and I don’t give myself much credit for that. I love my career, and don’t want to give it up. But there are days when I really just want to work on my novel…



  1. Natasha says:

    Great list! And if people learned to read, write and speak properly, they might have a better chance at understanding science (and some scientists might communicate more clearly…) Math is its own language and I wish schools would just teach it as such. I might have grokked algebra better if I had realized it was just a language used to talk about things… says the daughter of a mathematician and wife of an astronomer…with students who do not study much of the time which causes much gnashing of teeth and growling at exam times.


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