First Post – Old Skool

Today on the Kickin’ it Old Skool Blog-a-thon, we’re remembering what we wrote when we first started blogging.

Apparently, I’ve been doing this since December of 2009.

When I started the blog, my hope was that my husband and I would both post regularly. I think he’s written two or three posts, and I’ve written hundreds.

In my first blog  post ever, I introduced this blog, and its goals. The text of the post is below.


Posted on December 27, 2009 by Penny Higgins    

We’re just getting this blogging thing sorted out, so bear with us.

Here, you’ll find information about cameras and photography, as 
well as musings about our other interests, which include: 
paleontology, mechanical engineering, geochemistry, green energy, 
global warming, and saving the world in general.

Have we stuck to these goals?

Well, I’ve kept up my end of the bargain, posting on paleontology and geochemistry frequently. Mechanical engineering and green energy definitely haven’t been talked about  but those are my husband’s pet topics not mine.

I’ve also added a ton to the blog. I started writing fiction, and posting excerpts regularly, plus my Stink Bug Saturday serial post. Geology has become a dominant topic. On Fridays I post headlines in the geological sciences. Then there’s little bits of autism, and art, plus swordplay and costuming.

This blog is a strange hodgepodge of things, but I’m not going to break it out into separate blogs by topic. I’m told that one of the draws of this blog is the diversity of topics that I talk about.

So this is how it will be.

I wonder if it will still be this way in another four years?


  1. LOVE the diversity! I don’t know, I think that when we are posting like that, it is real… you know a reflection of the amalgamations of thought, interest, experiences, and such that make us human. I love it. So glad to be Kickin’ It with you this month!


  2. I think that’s hilarious that you and your husband started the blog as a joint venture but he’s only posted a handful of times. Good on you for sticking to it!


  3. I, too, enjoy the variety of topics you post about. There are definitely things I learn, things that are interesting to know, and overall just good reading 🙂


  4. Dawn says:

    I started with a blog about one thing but we are multi-dimensional beings and it was hard for me to not include other aspects of my life and interests. I think those blogs that add a mish mash of this and that are far more interesting. You keep on keeping on! and kudos for keeping the same blog. I played the field a bit, lol


  5. Helen says:

    I’m just getting to know you via the blog-a-thon and I’d have to vote for the variety of topics too! I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your favorite subjects.


  6. Fran says:

    Wow your blog has definitely grown and evolved. I like having a variety of topics to read about, I like a blog that has personality of the person who created it. It makes interesting reading.


  7. Donna says:

    My favorite blogs are those full of diversity – a picture of what the person writing is into in this moment. I find those blogs to be REAL. =) I’ve never been able to be a “niche” blogger – unless you call my whole life my “niche”. =)


  8. I’m with Sarah, I think it’s hilarious (and awesome!) that this blog has really become your space to write even though it started off for both you and your husband. Write on!


  9. Serena says:

    I enjoy a blog with diversity, too. It’s true that it feels a lot more like real conversation. I mean, when you’re connecting with your friends in real life, are your talks limited strictly to one or two topics? Nope. So why should one have to limit themselves on their blog?


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