Colors – Old Skool

Oh, now this is fun. The Kickin’ it Old Skool Blog-a-thon is asking about colors.

Color fascinates me. See these posts about color in terms of geology here, here, and here.

I’m most impressed by how people perceive colors differently. Don’t believe me? Ask someone in turquoise is a shade of green or blue.

[ RED ]

  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of red? – Honestly, I often think of heraldry and coats of arms. A golden lion on a red field.
  • Closest red thing to you? – I have a red pen right here in front of me. This doesn’t bode well for my students.
  • What is the last thing that made you angry? – Life’s annoyances can make me pretty angry. I usually recover pretty quickly, thankfully. Yesterday, I was angry at my son for laying in the middle of the kitchen floor and refusing to move. I was also angry at my husband for failing to mention to me that our septic tank had overflowed and flooded the yard. I’m over it now.
  • Are you a fan of romance? – I don’t read romance novels. I am a romantic though. I may have accidentally started writing a book series that involves a love story, on top of a huge war.
  • Do you have a temper? – Blarg. Yeah. I generally have a long fuse, but when I blow, it’s ugly. Only a few students have seen ‘Angry Penny.’ They don’t like it.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of green? – I immediately think of grass and forested glens. Ah!
  • Closest green thing to you? – I have a green stapler and bright green tape on my desk.
  • What’s your favourite green environment? – Any place outside, so long as it’s warm.
  • Are you jealous of anyone right now? – Sometimes, I envy people who seem calm and collected and look like they have it together. Then I realize that I look that way to a lot of people. Can’t say I’m jealous right now, but I could stand to have a few days off.
  • Are you a lucky person?People make their own luck. I guess I’m lucky to know that.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of purple? – I think of velvet.
  • Closest purple thing to you? – Well, what do you want to call purple? I have a stuffed squid right behind me. Or just a lame purple clipboard.
That's a purple squid, right?
That’s a purple squid, right?
  • Do you like being treated like royalty? – Yes, for a while. Then it gets dull. Let me do something for myself, please.
  • Do you like mysterious things? – I’m a scientist. Doesn’t that mean that by default I like mysterious things? I like mysterious things so long as I’m pretty sure they won’t kill me.
  • Are you intuitive? – I’ve been accused of this. I’ve learned that my gut feeling about things (like why won’t the mass spectrometer work) is right, but I never believe myself.

[ BLUE ]

  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of blue? – The sky.
  • Closest blue thing to you? – There’s this credit card right in front of me. Maybe I should go shopping.
  • Are you good at calming people down? – Not always. It depends upon the scenario. I’m terrible at calming myself down.
  • What’s your favourite body of water (i.e. lake, ocean, etc)? – Hmm. So long as the water is warm, I’m not sure I care. Ok, maybe I’m not fond of the Dead Sea. Lake Ontario makes for some nice snow!
  • What was the last thing that made you cry? – *hangs head in shame* A YouTube video. I’ve also cried while writing my own book.
  • Are you a logical thinker? – I think so, though at certain times of the month or year, emotion really drives my thinking.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of yellow? – The warm sunny-sun!
  • Closest yellow thing to you? – Let’s see… A highlighter. A SlimJim wrapper. Note paper. And a big smiley-face pen holder!
Happy pen-holder!
Happy pen-holder!
  • What was one of the happiest times of your life? – There was that one wedding thing…
  • What’s your favourite holiday? – It changes every year, but I am a big fan of Independence Day (July 4th) because it’s warm and they blow things up!
  • What makes you happy? – Quiet, solitude, and a completed to-do list.

[ PINK ]

  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of pink? – Barbie dolls – which irritates me.
  • Closest pink thing to you? – Geez, is there anything pink in here? Oh! The flowers my son made for me all those years ago!
My favorite egg-carton bouquet!
My favorite egg-carton bouquet!
  • What sweet things do you like? – Soft sugary candies like Smarties. Not so much chocolate. I’m strange that way.
  • Are you sensitive? – Perhaps overly so…
  • What is your favourite flower? – I like the ones of many parts, like strawflowers. Intricacy and unusual shapes always catch my eye.
  • Does you have a crush on someone? – Yes. An actor. I’ll never meet him. That’s fine.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of orange? – Pumpkins, Halloween, and the harvest.
  • Closest orange thing to you? – There’s orange tape all over my desk, holding my calendar down.
  • Do you dress up for Halloween? – Every year! I trick-or-treat in costume with my son.
  • What gives you the warm fuzzies? – Feel good movies and videos on YouTube. Then I cry.
  • What would your superpower be? – I would stop time, so I could actually accomplish all the things I want to do.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of brown? – Winter and rotting wood.
  • Closest brown thing to you? – This desk has a wood-grain veneer.
  • What is your favourite type of chocolate? – Not a big fan of chocolate, alas, at least not straight-up. You can get me to eat milk chocolate.
  • What makes you feel grounded? – The wind in my face and bare earth at my feet.
  • Paint the wood or always leave it au naturel? – Bare, or stained and varnished wood is the best.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of white? – Snow naturally.
  • Closest white thing to you? – I’m in my office. There’s white papers all over. A name tag. Labels. And a random bottle of ibuprofen.
  • Do you always try to keep the peace? – I do. I don’t like fighting and much of what people fight over is really not that big of a thing. It’s all ‘First World Problems’ around here. I do admit that I nag though. I need to do less of that.
  • Do you like to play in the snow? – Not as much now as I used to, because snow is really a mark of more work for me. We can get as much as two feet of snow in a single storm around here. Even more. We got 53 inches from one storm (it lasted about four days). But when I have the chance and the snow’s just right, I’ll do crazy things like make a snow sphinx.
I made this snow sphinx in 2009.
I made this snow sphinx in 2009.
  • Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist? – I have anxiety. And I hate going to the doctor and to the dentist. Luckily, all of the health care professionals I work with are good people. I survive. Sometimes I put off appointments longer than I should. But in the end, I always come away knowing that my fears were unfounded.


  • What’s the first thing you think of when you think of black? – Space. You know, the final frontier.
  • Closest black thing to you? – My wallet is sitting open on my desk here. It’s black. Why is my wallet sitting here?
  • Are you sophisticated or silly? – Silly. Very, very silly. But serious when needed.
  • Do you have a lot of secrets? – There are secrets, sure, but I probably share more with people than they really want to know.
  • What’s the new black? – Heh. You’re asking the wrong person! I’m stuck in blue jeans.


  1. This was pretty neat! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and in my book that squid is purplish-red lol


    1. Penny says:

      Phew! One never knows how others will perceive colors. I’m glad we agree on Mr. Squid!


  2. John says:

    Love the pictures that you incorporated into your blog post!


  3. Sherry Smyth says:

    I love that red made you think of heraldry and purple made you think of velvet…I like the way your mind works!


    1. Penny says:

      I’m deeply fascinated with medieval Europe. It shows…


  4. Fran says:

    Lovely post, enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing. Lovely pictures as well, the egg cartoon boutique looks interesting.


  5. Johanne says:

    Judging by the pictures, your surroundings are very interesting. I love the sphinx, one year I carved a very large polar bear out of snow, my children loved to “ride” on it. I’m hoping for more white stuff any day now.


  6. OMGosh, I love your snow sphinx!!


  7. Gabrielle says:

    “I have a red pen right here in front of me. This doesn’t bode well for my students.”
    LOL – my favourite part of this entire post – luv your sense of humour!! Great answers.


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