Runner’s High

So it’s happened. Something bad – really bad – went down at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

I’m not going to hypothesize who did what, or why, or how it happened, or if it was an accident. I’ll let the authorities sort that out. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is this:

People were out trying to achieve and incredible goal. Or, if they weren’t actually running, they were supporting someone else who was trying to achieve that goal. Running 26 miles is no joke! For some people, running ten feet is a fantasy, but 26 miles?

To get so close, and then this….

I was raised by a runner. A marathoner. My dad has run in the Boston Marathon. He did this on the National Guard running team. He ran and represented our nation’s armed forces.

I’m a runner too, even though I can’t really run any more. I hope to get running again soon, and maybe do a few 5k races in the future. I had a cross-country scholarship. I loved running!

Back in high school, when I could run a 6-minute mile. Not so much now...
Back in high school, when I could run a 6-minute mile. Not so much now…

I used to be fast! I used to dream of the Olympics. Then something went wrong and I ruined one knee. Then I ruined the other. Then I tore something in my quadriceps. After that, I abandoned running. …Until last year.

Last February (2012) I suddenly had the urge to run again. I’d started an exercise program and was finally feeling fit again. I strapped on some shoes, the first time in ten years, and went for a two mile jog.

I was delirious with joy.

I ran a 5k last spring. I did great! 26 minutes is good for someone making a comeback after a long hiatus. I was euphoric!

Things have gone south again. I think age has caught up with me and now my hips are causing me crippling pain when I run. It’s physical therapy for me, and hip X-rays it seems, but I’m hopeful. I hope I can hit the pavement again soon. Biking just doesn’t do it for me.

I think about those people running the marathon. I know what they’ve endured to be there. I envy them that they are physically capable. I cheer for them.

Then this.


I’m hoping it was just an accident. A gas leak. Something. An “act of God.” It’s not looking that way.

// why? I don’t get it. Why target runners? Because they have something you can’t have? Because they enjoy their lives? No point in trying to guess. The only things to do are:

Don’t jump to conclusions, and let the authorities do their jobs Help those who were hurt Praise those who ran in as others ran away Continue on with life

And that’s what I’m going to do.

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