I Am From

This is a fun little writing prompt that someone posted over in the Litopia Writer’s Colony.

It’s a fun little exercise suggested by someone else (NOT MY IDEA), to help establish place in a story.

All you do is write a paragraph where every sentense starts with “I am from…” It could be you or a fictional character you describe. Give it a go:


I am from the Earth. I am from what once was. I am from what could be. I am from my own imagination and from my own experience. I am from textbooks and novels.

I am from Utah, but left the place as I did not belong there. I am from the West, the East, the South, but have since departed. I am from the Northeast, where I now call home.

I am from the laboratory, where seemingly impossible phenomena occur each day. I am from the place where new knowledge is born.

I am from Herongarde, where I visit when I wish to be alone, but you may join me if you wish.

I am from wherever I happen to be.


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